Jessica Finley high heels and a pout!

Califorina workshop news!

California workshop news! Hello friends! Long time no talk! I am in the process of updating everything, just getting fully acclimated to the California living! There are many things that are different living here, vs visiting here and one of them is the workshop life. California has very little workshops and shootouts that imho, could […]


You never forget your first

You never forget your first.   Although you may want to, desperately badly. Jodi was my first “real” and legit shoot. I was living in Duluth, MN and met Jodi on OMP. Being Duluth, Minnesota was two hours north of Minneapolis, my model selection was limited. I found the big money paysite niche and wanted […]


Meet the models: Ashley and Amanda Sue

Meet the models: Ashley and Amanda Sue Around the same time I started shooting, Audrey Amanda Sue contacted me. She had seen some of the early work I did with Audrey and wanted to shoot. She and I discussed shooting and what styles. She told me emphatically that she would do nothing “too revealing” and stick […]

Meet the Models: Denver's own Kendra Cooper

Meet the Models Kendra Cooper

Meet the Models Kendra Cooper I had met Kendra Cooper online at Myspace, actually! This was way back in October of 2008. We had spoken for a few weeks about a possible shoot. I was still new to Colorado and was setting up shoots with anyone who was interested. This was in an effort to […]

Meet the models Diana

Meet the Models Diana

Meet the Models Diana Back in early 2010 I was shooting hard and heavy in Denver, CO. I had just moved into my own studio and was shooting away. I had a model app page setup on my blog and reviewed every submission. I got Diana’s submission and was interested. Not because of her amazing […]

Barbie Brandi Camila of Denver CO

I hate shooting out of rooms

I hate shooting out of rooms! Hate, hate, hate it! To ME and me alone, it looks unprofessional. It looks cheesy it looks trashy. Now I’m not saying there aren’t amazing images out there shot out of bedrooms/hotel rooms, just saying when I do it I hate it. Before you start to judge me, let’s […]

The gorgeous Heather M of Denver, CO

I wish I were taller

I wish I were taller! I come from a family of tall people; mom and dad excluded.  My oldest brother is 6’4″, next brother is 6’0″ and my baby brother is 6’3″. Me? I’m an amazing 5’6″.5 tall. “Almost a full grown man” according to my brothers. When I was young, I was one of the […]