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Every professional must tell a small lie from time to time. We all tell lies from time to time:


Model: “I love your work, but at this time I’m only accepting paying jobs.” When they’ve most likely never gotten a paying job in their lives.

Photographer: “I can get you published with Playboy if you shoot nudes” When they’ve never been published anywhere.

The two above may be a bit extreme and put me on the side of non forgiveness with my peers, but I don’t care! Let’s look the green-eyed monster in it’s one big bloody green eye and call it as it is: dirty lies!

We all tell them. We all know for the most part, when we’re being lied to. It’s up to us to accept it or reject it. The problem with a lot of people, new people, is they don’t know when they’re being lied to. In order to be successful in our industry, you almost have to over embellish yourself and or talents. To get to the next level in your career, you have to oversell your skills to land the job you want, not the job you have. No one is ever happy with the job they have and always dram about the next gig or next opportunity. It is here that the problem lies.

Instead of loving the moment we’re in, we’re pissing away today and because we’re doing that, we lose the importance of what it can give us: the opportunity to tell the truth! If we commit to today and our clients today, we can do what we embellish so we don’t have to lie.

I see a LOT of photographers tell models and wannabe models View full post »

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The end of an era

The end of an era is now. After 10 wonderful years in Colorado, it’s time for me to move on to glamour capital of the world, Los Angeles, CA. Some people ask why I never went there to start with and I’ve never really been able to answer intelligently until now: I wasn’t ready. Some people said I should have moved from MN, to Cali and made my bones out there. I say I did it right.

I didn’t want to start my career in Cali as a rookie making my bones. I wanted to move out there established and having a direction. Lots of models and photographers pick up and move to Cali or NY with out a clear and defined goal and end up moving back with their tail between their legs. I’ve never wanted to be that and have always prided myself on having a plan. Even if people didn’t understand or like it, it was a good plan and it worked for me. My plan was move West, but not West Coast, not yet. When I looked at how I was shooting, making the stop in Colorado first was smart:

Granted, not all those images are as terrible as I remember. There are three, the first three, that aren’t so bad and could actually be used today. But the rest, meh.

When I got to Colorado, I was determined to make a stance, to be different. I had publications in FHM, at the very back of the mag in the FHM 20 Hot dates or whatever it was back then. Pic the same size as a postage stamp, but it was a national publication either way! I could have taken a few decent images and moved to Cali, but truth is, I was afraid. I wasn’t ready for Cali. I wanted to make sure when I hit the big stage, that I was ready.  And Lord knows I was no where near ready with the work above. At that time I thought I was a professional, but looking back, I’d say I was a hobbyist with good intentions. I speak often about View full post »

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Paying gigs?

Hello friends!

Been a while, eh? Sorry about that! As you know, I’ve been preparing my move to Los Angeles so that has been taking up a LOT of my time. I want to talk about paying gigs and the ignorance surrounding them, as well as my feelings on CO.

Initially, I was going to use this blog post as a blame and shame, my one and only response to all the “photographers” and “models” who have taken plenty of moments of their time to bash me. For 5 years I’ve never said anything negative about them, I wanted to use this blog post to point them out. Then I thought; “Who gives a crap? I’ve ignored them and have done 100 times the work and things they’ve done, why use MY blog to bash them?” So I won’t. But what I will touch on is two things people say to me, or about me:

1. Why do you hate Colorado so much now?

2. Why do you shoot porn?

Number one has everything to do with number two and vice-versa.

The gorgeous and lovely Janelle of Denver, CO

The gorgeous and lovely Janelle of Denver, CO

For the record: I do NOT hate Colorado. Not at all! I love it out here! I love most of the people, the mountains, the…everything about it! What I dislike is the direction this state has taken with regards to it’s limited, yet thriving photography industry. Let me be brutally honest: Colorado is a hobbiest state. There is no real work here. Some Coloradians will no doubt become upset, but it’s fact. Comments such as that, is what makes people think I’m anti Colorado, but in fact, I’m anti-lying. Part of my marketing was “The most nationally published and sponsored model photographer in CO.” which is very true. I have a lot of publications and a lot of sponsors. View full post »

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Canon 6D and my style

Canon 6D and my style. I have my own style of photography. Everyone who has been shooting has their own style, their own eye. For me, I’m very particular in my style. For the first time in a long time, two years ago I decided that I wanted new gear. A new rig: so I purchased a Canon EOS 7D. Right away I hated the image quality, or IQ of the 7D. I felt the colors didn’t “pop” for me, that they were de-saturated and blah. I kept that camera for about a year? hating every image I took with it. Toward the end of it’s life with me, I started to get usable images. But I hated even those. Wanting to get back into a full frame body, I couldn’t decide between another 5D Mark II (that would more than likely sit in the closet…again) or the 6D, which everyone said was superior. I decided to give the 6D a shot, I mean after all, everyone on the internet knows what’s best for me, right?


Right away I hated the SD format. I have Compact Flash cards and don’t want to switch. I liked the build quality of the 6D and I added a third party grip to help even out the weight when the 70-200 f/2.8 was on it. Having a superior camera meant I would have images that would allow me to see the face of Baby Jesus in every photo, right? Again, WRONG! I hated every image from the 6D. More flat, to me images. were much like the 7D, just nothing I wanted to put my name on. Unlike with the 7D, I didn’t suffer through a year of 6D, I got it in April and got rid of it in July. I’ve now gone back to my trusty combo of a 40D/1D Mark III. The 1D III sits in the closet for big jobs (Will see more use in September when I move to Cali!) View full post »

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