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Boudoir and the glamour photographer

Boudoir and the glamour photographer is a question or situation that appears many times in our career. As you may or may not know, I am known for having an opinion that is…different than others, but is unique and all my own. I have my feelings because…well…they are mine. I have many people try and “educate” me and while I’m not saying I can’t learn, I have come to a lot of my reasoning by virtue of experience.

Boudoir photography for me is exactly no different than glamour photography.

That’s right, I said it!

Boudoir? Glamour? It's dependent on the receiver.

Boudoir? Glamour? It’s dependent on the receiver.

I am of the opinion that the only difference between the two is boudoir photographers tend to make more money because people have been trained to think that boudoir means something to pay for.  How do I say this? What proof do I have? Let’s break down a boudoir and glamour session from client side, then photographer side:


  • Clients range in age from 20-60 years of age.
  • Clients are looking for a “fantasy” session.
  • Clients are looking for a boost of confidence or acknowledgement that they are still as good today, as they were yesterday.
  • Clients are paying for the experience first, product second.
  • Clients are shot by photographers who are able to look at the client as a person, a sexual person (not sexy, sexual) and bring that out.
  • Clients present the images to someone special and hopefully, appreciated by said person.

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Money and model photography

Money and model photography, some would say that’s an oxymoron, others would say they are rolling in the dough. Yet others would say the latter are liars.

A few weeks ago (OK, months. Forgive me!) I started to make a post about this, but ended up going into a rant because of my annoyance with people who are more worried about MY work and not their own. Today, I plan to finish that original thought and put my feelings out there. Money is a necessary evil. In my entire life, I’ve not known something that has turned so many good people, evil. Some would digress and say through out history women have been the cause (No, this isn’t a slam on women but if you’re a religious person, you use Adam and Eve. Sampson and Delilah, etc.) that the love of a woman can make men do crazy things. Today, it’s money. There isn’t as much of it floating around, so people feel the best way to get it is to lie, cheat, steal and sometimes kill for it. All of these have happened in the modeling industry and as of late.  We need money. We all have bills to pay, things we want. Need gas in the car and most of all, need food and security of a home. Money provides those things. In our profession, it also provides power and there lies the problem. In our industry, most people equate money with success. I lead an event where a photographer from a small town in PA said well over half of the attendees would never reach any sort of fame. Those in attendance were crush View full post »

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Can you not use my pics anymore…

I stress quite often my displeasure with TF* or Free shoots. A large part of why displeasure? the email “…can you not use my pics anymore…”

My built in response?

“No. Go kill yourself.”

But I never say it. Want to, but never do.

I think free shoots are a valuable asset to both model and photographer, however, BOTH parties need to understand and accept the work, time and money that goes into it and respect it. I will greatly admit a lot of my frustrations come from working with inexperienced wannabe models, or those who think they are beyond value that I and everyone else must bow to their whims. Now don’t get me wrong, everyone has value, but your value doesn’t supersede mine. In my findings, there are two types of people who shoot, take up time and effort:

The “almost were” and the “never will be”.

Both groups share a lot of the same pathology: They want to be models. They love the idea of having photos taken and at one point in time, they’ve actively pursued it. The only difference is the final outcome. The “almost were” girls were those

Janelle is one of the few models I

Janelle is one of the few models I’ve shot and want to be a better photographer the next time we shoot.

who legitimately almost were models! For one reason or another, life got in the way: read a boyfriend, finding Jesus or not making a million dollars on their first or second shoot and thinking everyone is a scam. View full post »

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Kim Kardashian breaks internet

Kim Kardashian breaks internet didn’t happen then way she wanted, but it happened in other ways.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, that has no internet and you don’t own a phablet, smart phone, tablet, laptop or any other device that attaches to the internet, you’ve seen the hoopla over Kim Kardashian and the Paper Magazine fight. I call it a fight because that’s all that seems to have happened. I had first heard of it the way most of the world had: “Kim Kardashian nude” and thought to myself; “Who cares? She has a sextape and Playboy pictorial, we’ve seen her wares, inside and out” but became intrigued because I saw a group of supposed professional boudoir photographers making comments that defied the term, professional.


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The great negative debate

The great negative debate is a debate many photographers find themselves lulled into and unable to get themselves out of.

This debate is one of epic proportions such as the Nikon vs Canon or Apple vs PC, Samsung vs Apple. If you are unaware of the debate, thank your God’s you’ve been spared, although I’m going to tell you now: Customers requesting the digital RAW files. If you’re older than I, or recently in a high school photography class, you will know film cameras used negatives. These negatives contained the photo and you could get a negative scanner or print them at your local pro lab or Walgreens. During the 35mm or 120mm era, your negative was usually the only ones you got, unless you paid for duplicate negatives. So hanging on to your negatives were vital to your career as if people wanted reprints, you sent these off to the lab to get reproduced. Today, with digital cameras, there isn’t any cost involved with reproducing the negative since we most likely have it on a drive or backed up somewhere. Back in the day, a negative scanner or store willing to reproduce the film negative wasn’t available.

Holly the fashion model turned glamour model

Holly the fashion model turned glamour model

Today, with pro-grade DSLR’s being under 900.00, the everyday average customer knows that digital negatives View full post »

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