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Canon 6D and my style

Canon 6D and my style. I have my own style of photography. Everyone who has been shooting has their own style, their own eye. For me, I’m very particular in my style. For the first time in a long time, two years ago I decided that I wanted new gear. A new rig: so I purchased a Canon EOS 7D. Right away I hated the image quality, or IQ of the 7D. I felt the colors didn’t “pop” for me, that they were de-saturated and blah. I kept that camera for about a year? hating every image I took with it. Toward the end of it’s life with me, I started to get usable images. But I hated even those. Wanting to get back into a full frame body, I couldn’t decide between another 5D Mark II (that would more than likely sit in the closet…again) or the 6D, which everyone said was superior. I decided to give the 6D a shot, I mean after all, everyone on the internet knows what’s best for me, right?


Right away I hated the SD format. I have Compact Flash cards and don’t want to switch. I liked the build quality of the 6D and I added a third party grip to help even out the weight when the 70-200 f/2.8 was on it. Having a superior camera meant I would have images that would allow me to see the face of Baby Jesus in every photo, right? Again, WRONG! I hated every image from the 6D. More flat, to me images. were much like the 7D, just nothing I wanted to put my name on. Unlike with the 7D, I didn’t suffer through a year of 6D, I got it in April and got rid of it in July. I’ve now gone back to my trusty combo of a 40D/1D Mark III. The 1D III sits in the closet for big jobs (Will see more use in September when I move to Cali!) View full post »

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2014 workshop announcement on the way!

Just wanted to say that tonight, tomorrow or the day after I will be announcing my first workshop in 3+ years! It’s been some time since I’ve done one and to help me prepare for when I head out to Cali, I’m going to have one or two small ones here in CO!

Members of my mailing list will be emailed FIRST with the info and models (Models are confirmed-Glamour nude) so be sure and join by clicking here


Hope all is well!


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20 things about me

I’m naturally a very private person. If I know you, and really get to know you, I will share small things, but for the most part, I don’t share much about me. I figured it might be fun to do a 20 things about me that you might not know. This makes me vulnerable so go along with me. I don’t think I’ll add any personal things, but all business things. Let’s get started:

1.) As my bio states, I’ve been holding a camera in my hand since I was about 4 years old. This makes me a photographer for 37 years.

2.) My first 10 national publications were shot with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D and kit lens.

3.) I am never happy with the work I produce.

4.) I never shoot to make anyone, clients included happy. I shoot to make myself happy. Clients will come based off the strength of the work I share.

5.) I started off as a Street Photographer.

6.) I enjoy shooting Weddings. This is directly related to my being a street photographer.

7.) I have about 3 photographer friends.

8.) I’m a type B personality, so I never want to upset people.

9.) It bothers me when I see potential View full post »

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Meet the Models Caleb

Meet the Models Caleb is a good one!

I first met Caleb via Genna. I was offered to attend a shootout by a former student of mine. He got all my info from my workshop and used it to create his own. He was wise enough to market his shootouts to beginner photographers and continues to do so. Genna had wrote me saying she couldn’t shoot with me that Saturday because she was asked and accepted to model at a shootout. When I told her I was asked to go, we made an agreement to meet up together. I got there a little late, around 11 (event started at 9) Genna showed up with Caleb at about 1. Genna went through makeup and Caleb just hung around. The theme of the shoot was 1950′s and it was one of the more unorganized event’s I’ve attended. I hardly shot any but told Genna to stick around and we can shoot after. Genna agreed and said she was getting ready to tell me the same thing.


After everyone left, Genna, Caleb, and another photographer friend and I did some shooting. The first thing Caleb said to the friend and I was ” View full post »

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