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Rules to a shoot

Everyone has their own rules for a shoot and these rules compliment their business motto. The one thing I’ve found is they are all different and often times the extreme of most others. In keeping tradition of my wannabe model post, I’m going to discuss how in my experience, the wannabe model affects the shoot rules. Before I go any further, I’m not putting down wannabe models at all. In fact, we all start off wanting to be a professional, but much like the term GWC has stuck around, MWB or Model wannabe should too. This series isn’t to put anyone on “blast”, but to help people recognize that they are fitting the stereotype and hopefully change if they so desire.

Times are tight with regards to money so the influx in TF* requests have increased dramatically. Models, Photographers, Wannabe’s of both sides are feeling the crunch of the economy. However, this is what separates the wannabes from the professionals. There are many who believe their good looks alone will get them through life. Yes, it will for a small amount of time (In fact, to make decent money in modeling, the window is 18-23 years of age!). Very few women are gorgeous into their 40′s, 50′s, 60′s and on (Alyssa Milano,  Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek and Iman are exceptions) so they need to capitalize on their looks now in this industry. Instead of using their looks in a positive way that works for BOTH them and the photographer, most models feel entitled to to be photographed because they are beautiful. Some require you pay them to be in front of their beauty.

I live in a state that has no real fashion industry. View full post »

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The risk of working with wannabe models.

There are risks in everything we do. A cognitive decision I’ve made was to work primarily with “wannabe”  models vs the professional, established model. This is a choice late in to my career, I’m starting to regret. Note not all the “wannabe” models I’ve worked with have been disastrous, but a good chunk/majority of them are. The risk of working with wannabe models can exact a tolling effect on you and your career.

Back in 2010 when I got serious about shooting people, I was living in northern, MN and reaching out to more established credible models. Most were very polite and open to the ideal, but wanted me to get more experience. This made no sense to me. How am I to get more experience if I’m not working with those who have the experience? This was the same reaction I was getting from most photographers that I respected. Get more experience then come talk to them. At about the same time I decided to teach what I learned, I decided that there wasn’t fun in working with the established or well known model. That I wanted people who wanted to learn with me, working with me. Therein lies the problem.

As my skills grew, I continued working with the new model. It got to the point to where I preferred a new model over an experienced one. I didn’t turn down the opportunity to work with an advanced or experienced model, I just sought out the inexperienced model. I had the mindset that if I View full post »

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Meet the Models Hannah

Last week we were introduced to Hanna in my Old School Friday section. Today, let’s Meet the models Hannah!

I first met Hannah via her sister, Maegan, vicariously. When I say vicariously, I mean I had shot Maeggy and while we were shooting, their mom said “Hannah would be so jealous right now! She wants to model so bad”. I loved Maeggy’s style so I was looking forward to shooting Ms. Hannah. The first time I met Ms. Hannah was at my 2009 “Shootout”. Hannah was the second half of the shoot where I opened it to any and all that wanted to come out. Maeggy was already there so Mrs Melissa left to go get Hannah. When I met Hannah I thought she was pretty and fun! She had attitude and was very confident with herself. I was afraid she would live in the shadow of her sister like many other younger siblings do, but nope, she was her own person and strong aura.

Around that time Ms. Hannah was about 15 or 16 so I didn’t really push or pursue photography of her. I could have used her as a High School Senior Model Rep, but every time I try and launch a general portrait business, I get a TON of new clients in the glam side so I never really got it off the ground. I had kept in great contact with Mrs. Melissa over the time. Total sweethearts the three of them. I found myself really liking all three of them! At this point the story goes quiet until 2012.

Late 2012 I got an email from Ms. Hannah saying she wanted to shoot. She wanted to give modeling a try and she wanted to do a bit more with it. She wanted more mature looks View full post »

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A photographers protection

A photographers protection is something that is almost always taken in vein. When I’m looking over various message boards, talking to potential clients and reading what others are saying on Facebook, the biggest thing being touted is “Model Safety” “Models should protect references” and so on. There’s one thing that I hardly see and it bothers me:

Photographers protection!

In my 14 years of professional photography, I have learned many things. The first and most important thing I’ve learned is; “All photographers are pervs”. This is something that bothers me, but nothing I’ve never let get to me. However, I did come across something that made me want to blog about it. What? Let’s discuss a bit later.

When I first started out in photography, I was mentored by someone who I came to learn was less professional than I had thought. At that point in my career, he took amazing images and I was happy to align myself with him. I learned a few things at that time and was happy. My Wife was never thrilled with him and said he was bad. I thought to myself: “How can I protect myself?” And pondered it for several years. I finally came up with the most honest solution; document EVERYTHING! I got to a point to where I never spoke with a client on the phone, everything was done via emails. This way I had a working history of everything that was discussed. This worked for me as it kept me honest as I could refer back to what I promised and they agreed upon. As with anything, that only protected me so much, I had to get bigger and better.

In 2003 I View full post »

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