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Bye Ali, hello Carlotta Playboy model!

Hey guys,

After about eight months of working my tail off to get Ali Sonoma out here, the plan fell through in the 12th hour. We talked and agreed to a time, then she was unable to keep the time she agreed to forcing me to move her out to late 2009, early 2010. To be totally honest, I don’t have my hopes up that even then will work simply because going forward, Colorado SuperShoots will be bringing you Playboy Models and other famous nude models and I doubt people will want to go back to an implied model. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong?

Either way, I’m SUPER stoked to anounce that I’ve pulled strings and done a lot of begging and pleading and have Carlotta Champagne as our April 2009 Colorado SuperShoot model!!!! If you don’t know who she is, thumb through your issue of Playboy February 2009 then come back.

Welcome back. Yea, HER! Here’s some other work she’s done:

Playboy’s Natural Beauties Magazine Spring 2007
Playboy’s Lingerie Special Edition 2006 Oct/Nov
Playboy’s College Girls 2006 July/August
Southern Wedding Style Magazine Spring 2007
International Gallery of Erotic Photography Magazine
Carrie Leigh’s NUDE The Art of Women Fall/2007
Glamour Models Magazine Fall 2006
Arizona Shootout Magazine Fall 2006
Decibel Magazine May 2007
Rockstar Magazine June 2007 Centerfold (We weren’t in the same issue:()
Mustang Enthusiast Magazine January 2009
Playboy Magazine (grapevine) February 2009
Strip Las Vegas – to be out 2009
Easy Rider Magazine – to be out 2009

Yea, I’m that GANGSTA!!

I start official promotion of that tomorrow,  way to go me!

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How to set up your Photogenic CL500 photography light.

Good afternoon boys and girls. Today we’re going to walk you through setting up your new Photogenic CL500 DigiLight.

After unpacking your light, take a moment to inspect for cracks, scratches, dings or someone else’s name. If none of those problems exist, we move on to step 2 (Technically 1A)

Take your strobe and put it on a light stand:


2.) Remove flash cover and inspect the mounting screw for cracks and or any other blemishes.


3.) Go to Home Depot/Walmart or any place that has high power light bulbs since our new strobe can handle UP TO 500 watts of pure awesome balls power.


4.) Get your screw on! and plug in, you should have power.


That’s it! we’re all done!

Wait, we need a few sample photos! These are pics of the kids. They were on a shoot all day after an all day school binge. These photos were taken with 200 watt bulb-NOT the bulb that’s in the above photos!


All images taken with a CL500 through a medium sized softbox and 200 watt light. My quest for two 500 watts has started.

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March 18, 2009 - 6:06 pm

Jigga - As an FYI, this really works out great when you get an actual 500w photo light. Englewood Camera has some http://www.englewoodcamera.com if you live in Colorado ;)

UPS man came yesterday!

Yesterday the UPS man came to visit. I think it’s official, I love the UPS man more than Santa! The UPS man IS our Santa. He brings photos and equipment! Yesterday, UPS Santa brought me 2 Photogenic CL500 strobes! If you don’t know what those are, they are daylight balanced “hot lights” or continuous strobes. Being Photogenic is my photography strobe sponsor of choice, they will send me any strobe can that I want or need, I send them great images and people to buy their great product lol. I had a private session last week and a guy purchased a 1250DR woot! These strobes will be used in my 6week lighting class!

Either way, here’s the photos of the new can. It’s continuous lighting:

My buddy is always with me when I get new packages delivered:

She got to it before I could:

She’s not that good at product photography, sorry:

Here’s some info on the Powerlight CL500

This durable aluminum housing is rated for up to 500-watts. Quiet fan cooled, this model’s application is for all digital, conventional film and video systems. This light is equipped with 7″ high gain reflector and the Quick-Change accessory system, allowing fast accessory changes to over 80 different light shaping products from Photogenic. (Lamp not included.)

  • Rated for up to 500-watts

  • Cooled by 4″ whisper quiet fan
  • Tempered Safety Dome
  • Rugged Aluminum Housing
  • 7″ High Gain Reflector
  • Ratchet Stand Mount
  • Quick Change System
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    Move along, nothing to see here…

    Oh man! 

    I have a drama story for the blog, no time to write it since the cat is begging for food now, but I’ll be sure and share in a bit. It reinforces my whole attitude on never using another photographers images…even when I have permission lol. It’s not drama between the photographer and I, but someone who I think is being a little female (a dude who has no life) and his assumption that I don’t have my basis covered!

    That and I have some Photogenic news to share too.

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