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My buddy

I don’t really like sharing much of my personal life with people, mostly because it’s my personal life hah. But, my baby girl is my best buddy! I love her tons. 

Today, I got a package in the mail *yay* and she was there to help me open it.

She kept jumping in pulling things out, I almost hit her ripping into the box, so more out of being scared than angry I yelled at her to “move honey” and she looked at me and gave me this look:


Then said “Daddy, I see?”

Love my girls!

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Colorado supershoot, it’s a wrap!

Hey all,

Yesterday marked the end to the first workshop of 2009. It was a good workshop I believe?

I implemented my “monitors” and they worked out great. Much thanks to Tony, Mike and Jon. You guys were awesome in controlling your groups and so far, the feed back I heard has been great. No one was thrown out, so that’s always a great thing lol.

As I made my way through the rooms, everyone was laughing and having fun, and out of no where, a “friendly” competitive game ensued! It quickly became a “Now go back to your room, your team misses you” type element. Hell, I was even through out of BOTH teams’ room for a minute…in MY studio! I had to go get refreshments since I had no where to go!

My old Photogenic PowerLight 600 strobe died:(need to replace the flash tube. I didn’t get my new sponsored Photogenic heads in time, I’m expecting them to show up tomorrow. My Powerlight 600 I got used and it still fired off well over 13k photos for me…even surviving a fall in the lake!

Here’s a few photos from this weekend, I had an all day seminar/shoot today, so I’m wiped.

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Talked to Ali today

Hey guys,


Talked to Ali Sonoma on the phone today. She’s excited to come out! I’m excited to have her out and will now start officially pushing the workshop!

Other than that, no new surprises in the mail. I’m hoping my strobes come on saturday;)If not, tuesday for sure.

Just got home from Jiu Jitsu and I hurt all over. I should make fridays “Action Friday-day” what do you think?

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UPS man came!

We have mad love for our UPS man. Not because he brings us goodies once a week, but because he protects our packages! He’s really creative as to where he hides the stuff lol.

We werent expecting anything today (Photogenic strobes should be here early next week) but low and behold, there was a package outside the door! We are expecting client prints, but we got an email yesterday that said they were shipping today. We went outside and guess what we found?

That’s right! Colorado SuperShoots sponsor Wacom tablets, sent an Intuos3 6×8 tablet over! Just in time for me to start working on my photoshop class! How awesome huh?



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